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SERVICES | People Experience Programs

Our agile team of People Strategists can guide you through those intense growth periods or during significant change events, building the organizational architecture to sustain performance and great people experiences. 

Foundational People Programs – Level 1 

Our expert team will partner with your Leaders and HR Team to build out programs that resonate and are valued by your people, including foundational Level 1 programs such as: 

  • Health, Safety, and Wellness 

  • Total Compensation

  • Paid Time Off + Leave Allowances

  • Hybrid, Flex-time, or Virtual Employment Arrangements

  • Business Continuity

Culture Building Programs – Level 2 

Once a company has their Foundational People Programs - Level 1 in place, it is ready to build on these to create a more compelling company experience and culture that drives a high degree of trust and commitment to your company, your customers, and your strategy journey. RE:FOCUS has the expertise to collaborate with your company to develop the following Culture Building Programs -  Level 2:

  • Annual Performance + Development Plans

  • Merit Pay and Incentive Plans

  • Career Progression + Leadership Succession

  • Management Development 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

  • Dispute Resolution Program

People Experience Platform – Level 3 

As companies scale and progress in their maturity, they typically look to expand on their People Processes and Practices by investing in technology that further enhances their brand and contributes to a consistent employee experience. Since 2019, the market for customizable and scalable solutions to develop People Experience technology platforms has exploded with various offerings. RE:FOCUS will curate the best solutions for your company. We have partnered with a variety of these tech platform providers to support your company’s strategy and human capital plans. If you are ready to take the next step in elevating the people experience at your company, RE:FOCUS has the project management expertise to deploy these solutions as a cohesive package:

  • Payroll Platform for multi-jurisdictions

  • Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS)

  • Learning Management Solutions (LMS) 

  • Collaboration Platforms 

  • Full scope Human Resources Information System (HRIS)


The Benefits of Independent Advice and On-Demand Expertise

At RE:FOCUS, we believe in supporting your HR + People Team by offering independent advice and
guidance. Having an expert partner like RE: FOCUS on your side makes it easier to both develop and effectively implement the People Experience Programs. We bring over 20 years of Program Design and Implementation insights, gained through many projects and initiatives in various business sectors. Our change management methodology ensures that a newly designed program will connect with your people and be sustained over time. We provide a 90-Day and 180-Day check-in as part of this service so we can fine-tune the program as it rolls out over that period. Your success matters to us, as does your trust and confidence - this is our way to set your HR team up for long term success.

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