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SERVICES | People Operations Redesign

Whether you’re a start-up, a quickly scaling company, or an organization going through significant change, RE:FOCUS can help you design the optimal People Operations to ensure your company is delivering a consistent experience for both prospective candidates and existing team members. Our redesign efforts are calibrated to your unique circumstances and challenges. 


When you partner with RE:FOCUS, you can opt for a targeted review and redesign of your HR + People Operations or a systemic review, including:

  • Candidate sourcing 

  • Onboarding and new talent integration 

  • Compensation and benefits administration 

  • Performance, learning, and development

  • Workplace accommodations and wellness management

  • Exits, terminations, and off-boarding

  • Incident management

  • HR documentation management


Following an assessment of your people operations, RE:FOCUS will develop a collaboration agreement with your company that sets out expectations and results to be achieved in the first 30, 60 and 90-Days of our partnership. Your company will define people operations and process improvements to be implemented during our collaboration. 


Based on our collaboration and insights gained from the operations and process review, RE:FOCUS can also be engaged to help redesign your HR + People Ops Structure. This option is often considered by company leaders that are going through a significant change event, including scaling through acquisitions, new customer offerings, or restructuring. 

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Compliance Enables Great Experiences

Our approach to People Operations Review is based in part on leading practices in both the US and
Canada that are consistent with legal standards in the most progressive jurisdictions. While the focus of our assessment is to design optimal people experiences, the final Status Report will identify
company legal requirements and issues that may apply to your industry and locations. Companies can then determine what priorities they would like to action with RE:FOCUS to meet compliance standards. An HR + People Practices Compliance Report can be prepared for your team and Board upon request.

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