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SERVICES | Performance Enablement

Enterprise-Wide Interventions 

Every company and business leader has encountered challenges with getting teams to support a new strategy, initiative, or company vision. These things happen with the best-intentioned companies. When there is not enough support and alignment of efforts for any change, the company performance declines. This can significantly impact your culture and people experience, leading to conflicts, missed deadlines, and key people quitting the company. Doing nothing is not an option – companies that are in this zone, will greatly benefit from expert interventions. At RE:FOCUS, we have partnered with companies in all industries to help turn things around at these critical moments.


RE:FOCUS provides customized interventions and can provide ‘just-in-time’ support to get thinks back on track. We take the mystery out of ‘change management’, applying a human-centred and practical approach to improving your people experience during transformations. RE:FOCUS solutions are time-limited and focused on getting your teams working together quickly and performing at a level that can be sustained before, during, and after any business change.

Team-Based Performance Coaching Solutions  

Based on our 20+ years of change management experience, RE:FOCUS understands that sometimes your teams and managers seem to be going in a different direction or don’t have the necessary level of confidence to deliver on commitments and expectations. Performance Coaching is intended to help your people through a process to identify what is not working for them as individuals. In collaboration with a trusted expert, the individuals agree to take action on specific, targeted behaviours. 

Meeting at the office

Business Transformations + Planned M&A’s

When a company goes through a major business change it’s all about readiness and capabilities. It helps to have a trusted partner on your side to iron out the inevitable ups and downs. Our approach at RE:FOCUS is to immerse ourselves in your planned change and become an extension of your team. We can provide impartial, expert advice and guidance to ensure that you have full visibility of the risks and challenges your company might face. If you are planning to acquire or merge with another entity, our Practice Leaders can define a Change Management Plan that will facilitate a smoother acquisition. Our team members have real world experience with past engagements both in North America and Europe - we are able to share this unique expertise so you can leverage the right support during these significant business events.

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