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SERVICES | Strategic Talent Deployment

To support a progressive culture and deliver great people experiences, companies are often required to make strategic leader and manager hires. For over 10 years, the principals at RE:FOCUS have been sourcing key leadership hires as part of business transformations across US, Canada, and Mexico. Our expertise lies in distilling the key attributes of your culture and people experience vision to profile new or enhanced leadership roles. Through this discovery process, we fine-tune leadership profiles and activate these for strategic talent sourcing and deployment. 


Our approach to key talent sourcing and deployment will seamlessly integrate with your Talent Management processes, ensuring a successful hire and transition plan for new leaders and managers. When you partner with us, we become your Brand Ambassador for your people experience promise. For leadership candidates and new leaders to your company, our approach ensures a respectful, constructive experience for all parties. With RE:FOCUS guiding this process, your corporate reputation will be secured in the talent markets. 


Reach out to our Practice Leader for more information on how RE:FOCUS can become your Strategic Talent Deployment Partner for business transformation initiatives.

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The Right Leadership Team,
At the Right Time

Leaders set the tone for your company and are the cultural ambassadors for your brand. We partner with your HR + People Team to bring in the right leadership at the right time while you are going through a strategy reset or business transformation. When you engage RE:FOCUS during these critical moments, you are partnering a with thought + action provider that can strategize the sensitive oversight and guidance. Having us on hand when you need the extra push and focus will help execute a new strategy with the right talent.

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